VITECH offers leading-edge powder coating booths that meet international standards and can be integrated with material handling systems of any kind – manual, automatic batch and conveyorised operations.

VITECH offers state-of-the-art Powder Coating Booths and Recovery system for coating all type of components in Batch / Conveyorized options.

The Cyclone Recovery system with high efficiency design for maximum powder collection using a dynamically balanced impeller Blower and clean exhaust through filter media to ensure a clean atmosphere makes it a preferred choice for Powder coaters.

The most modern and top brand applicators are provided to ensure the best quality finish with full backup service.

The Booths are custom designed conforming to international standards and ideal for coating jobs of different sizes.

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Powder Coating Booth

  • Manual and automatic batch and conveyorised operations
  • Smooth interior finish for easy cleaning and quick colour change
  • Ergonomically designed for operator convenience
  • Connected to high efficiency Cyclone Recovery Units for Powder Recovery so as to ensure a powder recovery of 96% plus
  • Uniform Air Flow velocities across all openings in the Booths
  • Customized Booths for specific configuration can also be provided
  • Outlet of the Blowers are fitted with filters to ensure 100 percent clean environmentv
  • Simple to dismantle and clean for easy colour change
  • Fitted wuth dust and vapour proof light fittings for good illumination
  • Can be integrated with Conveyor or any Material Handling System