We offer standard batch type dip tank process or the automated conveyorised phosphating plant for continuous operation.

We offer state of art phosphating plants for,

  • De-Greasing
  • De-rusting
  • Phosphating
  • Chromating
  • Water Rinse

We offer tank heating systems with electrical/oil/gas heating medium with automatic temperature control panels.

Air Agitation is provided using Roots Blowers and air distribution piping for effective cleaning.

Fume Extraction Systems with lip suction ducting is provided to exhaust the fumes generated in the tanks and scrubbed clean in Wet Scrubber before exhausting by powerful Blowers.

Material Handling Systems such as Electric Hoist, Automatic Transporter is provided for moving the materials from one tank to another there by increasing productivity with minimum man power.

Our Solutions

Conveyor systems that are used for material handling in paint shop.

Our Service

Over Head Conveyor

Overhead Conveyor are most ideal Material handling equipment for movement of materials in a shop floor from production shop thro pretreatment, painting, drying, finishing areas.

Loads can vary from 15kgs to 500 kgs per hook and speeds suitable for the requirement.

We offer complete systems with Drive Units, Track & Chain, Supports, Bends and Curves to suit your layout.

These overhead conveyor are trouble free and maintenance free and ideal for high production rates, less manpower, more economy.