Sludge Seperator

Sludge Removal Systems

  • An in-line system for the constant removal of the sludge, composed by paint and coagulant.
  • In-line “Linear Static Mixer” installed with a provision of connecting the auto  dosing systems. In-line mixing of chemicals ensures proper “killing” of the paint sludge and hence improves the sludge removal efficiency.
  • All the systems are certified according to CE Directive in force from January 1995 and supplied with the CE certification mark.
  • The automatically extracted sludge has a very low volume, thanks to the easy
  • The concentration of the noxious substances in the air could be reduced according to the better performance of the water wall.
  • Spray booths maintenance costs will be reduced of more than 90%.
  • The systems are completely automatic and the operating is very easy.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Just the observance of some technical principles, such us the maintenance of the system integrity, the maintenance of working standard conditions and the suggested chemical products can validate the present guarantee.
  • The company reserves the right to make all the changes to parts or details they believe
    convenient to ensure the guarantee or the improvement related to the good working of
    the installation.
  • At the location of the unit the minimum ambient temperature must not remain below +5°C. Thesound level of the unit is normally 69-80 dB(A).
  • The installation should be below roof/lean-to shade to avoid direct rain, sunlight, etc. on to thepump motor, panels, etc.
  • Paint booth chemicals, coagulants, flocculants, etc. must be added for trouble free operation ofsystem, as suggested by established chemical supplier.
  • Voltage regulator/guard should be provided for consistent voltage to the system control panel.
  • All existing sludge from paint booths, sludge pits, skimmers, piping etc. should be removed beforethe system installation.
  • Weirs, filter mesh, etc. should be installed to prevent any material, other than sludge, like plasticbags, hand gloves, masking tapes, etc. from entering the system suction.


  • Paint sludge dewatered, thus reducing sludge weight and disposal costs.
  • Concentration of noxious substances in air reduced by absorption, hencereduction in pollution.
  • Paint Booth water requirement reduced; changing frequency 12 months.
  • Paint Booth maintenance costs reduced by nearly 90%.
  • Easy to use.

System Requirements:

  • Voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz + N + E, according to the installed outputs
  • Suitable electrical earthling connection
  • The ground at the place of installation must be even and designed according to the load per surface unit.
  • Covering/lean-to-shade above the installation.
  • All piping, valves, accessories, etc. Interconnecting of booth tanks.
  • Drain pump/redistribution tank & pump, etc. if required.
  • Suitable paint booth chemicals, coagulants, flocculants dosing, as suggested by us.
  • Compressed oil & moisture free air and water, with piping up to our equipment.
  • Sludge bin arrangement for removed sludge.