Paint Booth

Paint Booth

VITECH offers Paint Booths Wet and Dry configurations and several different models and sizes as per customer requirements. The Booths are designed to meet with ASHRAE, OSHA, NFPA, and EPA standards and complies to PCB requirements. The Wet type Paints Booths are configured to suit manual batch operation or conveyorised plant with/without water curtain, using pumps. Air supply units are provided to ensure dust free clean room conditions with temperature and humidity controls to suit customer requirements. Sludge seperators are provided for removal of sludge from Booths and water recycling is ensured. Paint Kitchen and Applicators of reputed brands are provided for continuous operating plant to ensure desired painting characteristics and efficiency.

VITECH manufactures two types of paintbooths.

  • DRY Type Paint booths.
  • WET Type Paint booths.


These Booths are most Popular in the western countries for their simplicity and Low Power Consumption. Provided with Paint Arresting Paper Filters which are easy to maintain and dispose. No Effluents, Less Maintenance and Low Operating costs make it a preferred choice by Paint users.

There are three variations for this type of Booth

  • Downdraft Draft Dry Type
  • Cross Draft Dry Type
  • Side Draft Dry Type


The system is a Down Draft Dry type paint booth with airflow moving from top to down generally used for painting large objects.The air for ventilation will be sucked from the top of the booth , for which a filter will be available for filtration of 10 micron level. The suction is caused by Exhaust Blowers located on the sides.

The internal floor of the booth will be provided with paint absorbing filters throughout the length and breadth. Necessary grates on the top of the filter frame to facilitate movement of people and material.During the process of painting , the excess spray paint will be absorbed by the paint arresting filters on account of the suction created by the blowers.The paint free air is sucked by the blowers and discharged into the atmosphere by ducts at a height of approximately 10m above ground level or 1.5m above the roof level.


Cross Draft Paint Booths are designed for Horizontal Air Flow to effectively remove over spray from the spraying area. Fresh air enters the booth through Filters provided on the door and Exhausted through paint arresting filter located at the opposite end by powerful blowers.The Blowers are designed to ensure adequate air flow velocity across the booth and provide ventilation and clean work environment meeting OSHA standards.

The Cross Draft Booth is constructed of Galvanized sheet steel panels which are prepunched, companion flanged and bolted for easy fit and fast assembly. The inlet air filters are mounted on the door frame and can prevent dust down to 10 microns inside the booth. This model is very popular and suitable for large structures, long Products and big vehicles.


The Side Draft Paint Booth is the ideal paint spray booth, when a downdraft floor pit or raised floor model is not practical. This unique design utilizes some of the same principle of the Downdraft booth.

Fresh air is pulled from the cleaner upper levels of the shop and introduced through ceiling filters in the booth. The air is distributed and drawn down and exhausted through the paint arresting filters provided at the side plenums of the booth.
The Side Downdraft provides a healthier working environment and meets OSHA standards.


The paint overspray is captured by a wall of water curtain or scrubbed by water before exhaust to the atmosphere. The water curtain is achieved by a pump or without pump. These wet paint booths are ideal for large production rates and for paints with low solid content. Provided with suitable exhaust blower and ideal for continuous production lines. A tank is provided for the water and this can be located below or above ground level. Suitable filters are provided at the intake of the water circulation pump. Drainage provisions are also given for draining and cleaning the tank. The tank is protected from corrosion by FRP lining. All water contact points are in G I or SS construction for long life.